shortfilm trilogy / comedy



The interconnected sides of the family triangle, consisting of mother, father and child, make up society’s most important elements and the foundation of our existence. However, the boundaries of this triangle need to be overcome, before a new triangle can be created.

Three hurdles need to be taken, before each fugitive can fly the nest that is home and reach their ultimate freedom. Becoming independent of an overbearing motherly love, confronting the all-powerful father and experiencing the first big love, mark the way into an individual’s independence. Over three episodes and with the tools of independent shorts, the trilogy ‘Triangle’ attempts to critically and humorously shine a light on overcoming these boundaries and to caricature them via the portrayal of familiar patterns.

A Stefan Wolner Film
Produced by Red Monster Films


Tamas Eperjessy, Franziska Weisz, Dagmar Schwarz


  • Award Best Picture
  • Nomos Super 8 Award
  • Gosbacher Filmtagen – Ulrich-Schiegg-Filmpreis in Gold in der Kategorie “Sachen zum Lachen” nominiert.
  • Moviemiento – Kurzfilmfestivals
  • Interfilm Berlin Kurzfilmfestival “Heimat bist du kurzer Filme”
  • Flensburger Kurzfilmtage
  • Festival Filmfests Weiterstadt
  • Filmfest Eberswalde
  • Planet Ant Film & Video Festival
  • Izmir Short Film Festival
  • Filmfestival Landau
  • Hertfordshire International Film Festival
  • Ann Arbor Festival
  • USA Filmnach8 (18.06.2005)
  • Ohne Kohle Filmfestival
  • B.I.F.F. Filmfestival Biberach

2005-207, HD, 21min. | Director: Stefan Wolner | Script: Stefan Wolner, Dietmar Zahn | Photography: Gerald Piesch, Marco Zimprich | Sound: Arno Ebner | Editing: Stefan Wolner | Music: Florian Kindlinger, Peter Kutin | Sound Design: Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger | Design: Christian List | Production: Red Monster Film | Producers: Stefan Wolner, Dietmar Zahn | with support of: Upper Austria Filmfonds, Vienna Culture Fonds